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Writing at a University Level

Writing at a level that meets the expectations of professors is one of the most common struggles that undergraduates face. It is not simply grammar that most grapple with, but essay structure and properly employing argumentative writing.

Leaving underdeveloped editing skills aside for a moment, it is commonplace for some students to believe that all essays should consist of only five paragraphs. This is simply untrue. Many students also write essays without its most essential component; a thesis. This piece of writing is effectively, an argumentative essay without an argument.

At BridgesEDU, students will learn how to write in convincing fashion, and by consequence, in a way that ticks the grading boxes of their professors. Most importantly, these lessons will be conveyed by an individual who has graded and taught at the university level.

Students learn:

  • How to create and support logical arguments
  • The lesser-known methods to write strong undergraduate-level essays
  • To understand the precise essay components that professors look for
  • To get beyond the five-paragraph essay and improve their editing skills

Learning Options

1. Convenient one-on-one online coaching that follows a personalized academic road map that parents will see and agree to before sessions commence.

2. In-person one-on-one instruction that follows a personalized academic road map (available in select locations across the Greater Toronto Area).

3. An online group tutorial (between two and five students offered during March Break and during summer months). Click here to see our class schedule.

Pricing Options

BridgesEDU offers a variety of packages. Please feel free to get in touch for a free consultation and pricing options that are catered to your/your child’s specific needs.

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