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University Prep Course

This intensive summer programme is designed to get you or your child ready for academic success in university.

In it, students will learn how to meet the expectations of their professors. Additionally, students will be shown how to overcome the most common academic obstacles faced by undergraduates.

The course focuses on four key areas where students are typically graded: reading academic texts, writing at a university level, how to navigate a university tutorial, and how to execute on a university-level exam.

The duration of the course is ten sessions, which is designed to be completed in five weeks. Each session is approximately one hour and students will not be asked to do work outside of their lessons. Meetings occur on our live one-on-one online video meeting platform so students can meet their instructor from anywhere. The online nature of the course also allows for flexible meeting times.

Register before May 31st and receive an early registration offer.


Students learn:

  • How to properly read academic articles and identify the information professors expect students to know
  • How to create and support logical arguments in their writing
  • How to frame thoughts for effective oral communication
  • How to deliver advanced-level answers to different types of exam questions
  • How to adapt A-level high school strategies into A-level university outcomes

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Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.
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