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Secrets to Undergraduate Success:

Elevate Your Confidence & Your Grades!

This programme is catered to university students in years one through four. It is designed to help you meet and exceed your potential in undergraduate studies.

If you’re struggling to get the grades you believe you’re capable of, you have come to the right place.

In these sessions, you’ll learn how to meet the expectations of your professors. You’ll also be shown strategies on how to conquer some of the most common hurdles that undergraduate students encounter.

The course focuses on four key areas where students are typically graded, which include: how to analyze and dissect academic texts, writing at a university level, how to navigate a university tutorial, and how to execute on a university-level exam.

Taking a full course load? No problem! The duration of the course is eight sessions and the schedule is flexible in a way that complements your busy timetable. Because BridgesEDU sessions are offered through our video chat platform, you can meet us when you want from wherever you want.


Students learn:

  • How to properly read academic articles
  • To identify the information professors expect students to know
  • How to effectively read and reference academic texts on exams, assignments, and in tutorials
  • To understand facts, arguments, sub-arguments and other essential components of academic texts

Learning Options

Convenient one-on-one online coaching that follows a personalized academic road map that students/parents will see and agree to before sessions commence.

Pricing Options

Contact us for details.

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Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.
Scholarship Coach & Mentor




1.844.379.PREP (7737)