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Private Mentoring
& Academic Coaching

Sometimes, students have an abundance of potential and capabilities that they do not employ at full capacity. This occurs for various reasons, including shyness, trouble setting and executing goals, lack of clear academic direction, or little motivation to learn a particular subject.

BridgesEDU offers highly catered academic coaching to students who are capable of great things, but need help in constructing a road map to get there.

In these one-on-one sessions, an academic mentor will coach students in a way that uplifts their individual talents and passions.

For undergraduates specifically, our academic mentor will work with students to proactively plan how the workload, assignments, and weekly responsibilities of an undergrad course should be tackled. Students will work with an academic coach routinely to ensure that set goals are being achieved and the necessary steps to get there are being taken (this can mean routinely visiting office hours, learning how to be a more engaged and thoughtful participant in tutorials, improving writing, improving study habits, ensuring that a student is extracting necessary information from lectures and reading, etc). Depending on the nature of the goals, students and their academic mentor will meet as frequently as once weekly. Like all BridgesEDU sessions, lessons will be conveyed by an individual who has graded and taught at the university level.


Students learn:

  • Academic coaching on what is needed to excel academically while diminishing the pressure and uncertainty of undergraduate studies
  • Routine check-ins from their mentor along with an opportunity to discuss solutions to whatever academic pressures they are encountering
  • Convenient and accessible one-on-one access to an academic mentor on the BridgesEDU online platform
  • Expert help and coaching from a Ph.D. in the following areas

-Handling a large workload and time management

-Writing at a university level


-Reading at a university level

-Lecture notes

-Setting and reaching goals

Learning Options

1. Convenient one-on-one online coaching.

2. In-person one-on-one instruction (available in select locations across the Greater Toronto Area).

Pricing Options

BridgesEDU offers a variety of packages. Please feel free to get in touch for a free consultation and pricing options that are catered to your/your child’s specific needs.

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Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.
Scholarship Coach & Mentor




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