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The Art of Exam Writing

When it comes to exams, studying and executing are very different skills. While students are constantly encouraged to do the former, they often struggle with the latter. It is very common to see students study everything they can and then spill what they have memorized onto a few pages. Unfortunately, this course of action often leaves students feeling that their grade is not reflective of the effort they invested. Studying and memorizing are not graded, execution on the day of the exam is.

Different types of exam questions require different kinds of answer strategies. Defining terms, short answers, and full essays are common ingredients of an undergraduate exam. While a strong answer to each will have similar components, students will learn how to effectively deal with each type of question on an exam.

Like all services from BridgesEDU, students will be shown what professors expect of them in university. These lessons will be conveyed by an individual who has graded and taught at the university level.


Students learn:

  •  That writing a successful exam requires more than studying
  • How to deliver advanced-level answers to different types of exam questions
  • The important and fundamental components of exam answers that professors look for
  • How to appropriately employ course lectures and texts in their exam answers

Learning Options

1. Convenient one-on-one online coaching that follows a personalized academic road map that parents will see and agree to before sessions commence.

2. In-person one-on-one instruction that follows a personalized academic road map (available in select locations across the Greater Toronto Area).

3. An online group tutorial (between two and five students offered during March Break and during summer months). Click here to see our class schedule.How to appropriately employ course lectures and texts in their exam answers

Pricing Options

BridgesEDU offers a variety of packages. Please feel free to get in touch for a free consultation and pricing options that are catered to your/your child’s specific needs.

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