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Navigating Tutorials & Lectures

Speaking in tutorial is a necessary component of most undergraduate social science and humanities courses. It is also one of the most common obstacles that students face when they enter university. Not only does this influence grades, but it can also have an effect on a student’s confidence in the course. Overcoming this often paralyzing part of undergraduate studies can occur with the right strategies.

Having the right tools to properly digest lecture material is also very important. In high school, it is common for educators to teach at a pace that allows most students to grasp course material. Students often copy notes from a board or screen and typically have the opportunity to ask clarification questions. Given this method of teaching, it should be no surprise that students are often overwhelmed with the experience of an undergraduate lecture, which can contain hundreds of students.

At BridgesEDU, students will be shown how to gain valuable participation grades, how to ensure that their ideas are communicated in tutorials, and how to take efficient and effective notes. Additionally, students will learn methods to help them discern what is most important in a professor’s lesson and how they can digest material from a variety of differing lecture styles. Most importantly, these lessons will be conveyed by an individual who has graded and taught at the university level.


Students learn:

  • Strategies to maximize valuable participation grades
  • How to insert ideas into class discussion
  • How to deal with dominant personalities in tutorials
  • How to frame thoughts for effective oral communication
  • How to discern what is important in a lecture
  • Note taking skills to prepare for exams and assignments
  • How to deal with a variety of lecture styles

Learning Options

1. Convenient one-on-one online coaching that follows a personalized academic road map that parents will see and agree to before sessions commence.

2. In-person one-on-one instruction that follows a personalized academic road map (available in select locations across the Greater Toronto Area).

3. An online group tutorial (between two and five students offered during March Break and during summer months). Click here to see our class schedule.

Pricing Options

BridgesEDU offers a variety of packages. Please feel free to get in touch for a free consultation and pricing options that are catered to your/your child’s specific needs.

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