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Courses & Services

Live and face-to-face academic coaching in a convenient online platform. Learn from anywhere!

BridgesEDU offers mentoring from a Ph.D. in:

  • Scholarship applications
  • Elite-level personal statements
  • Writing at a university level
  • Reading and dissecting academic texts
  • How to navigate university tutorials
  • Executing on university-level exams

Academic Mentoring & Coaching

Sometimes, students have a ton of potential and capabilities, but they may be unsure about which academic or career path they will take. On other occasions, students may simply need guidance in academic goal setting. Private mentoring with a Ph.D. helps students get on the right scholarly track!


Are you or your child having difficulty making the grade that you think you/they capable of? BridgesEDU can help with written assignments, particularly essay writing, in order to make sure that students can convincingly and eloquently convey thoughts through writing.

and Personal Statements

Want to Compete  For Lucrative Scholarships? Writing a compelling personal statement is a skill and an art

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Scholarship Research & Writing

Having a track record of scholarship attainment is a great asset for students entering competitive employment opportunities after university or for those who wish to apply to graduate, law, medical school, teachers college, etc.

Personal Statements

When applying to law school, teachers college, graduate school, medical school, or any other type of postgraduate opportunities, a stellar personal statement is the best way to separate yourself from the pack.

For High School Students (Grades 11 & 12) & Undergraduates (1st & 2nd Year)

Writing a University Level

Writing is perhaps the most problematic and anxiety inspiring skill for undergraduates. In these sessions, students will learn how to write in convincing fashion and tick all the boxes of their professors.

The Art of Exam Writing

When it comes to exams, studying and executing are very different skills. While students are constantly encouraged to do the former, they often struggle with the latter. Learn the skills you need to properly execute and do well on a university exam!

Dissecting Academic Texts

At BridgesEDU students will learn how to cut through academic jargon and advanced language in order to digest what their professors and teaching assistants will expect them to know.

How to Navigate a Tutorial

These sessions focus on developing one of the most overlooked skills in undergraduate studies: performing well in a tutorial. Don’t lose valuable participation grades! Give your professor a good reason to remember your name!

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Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.
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