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Dear Applicants,

I am delighted to be offering the BridgesEDU Scholarship Contest for 2018-2019 (click here for a link to the application)!

Scholarships are such an important part of academic life so great work on taking the time to consider this application. I encourage you to keep going.

Remember, having a track record of scholarship attainment is a great asset for students entering competitive employment opportunities after university or for those who wish to apply to graduate, law, medical school, teachers college, etc.

The BridgesEDU Scholarship Contest consists of two prizes for two high school students who will be attending university in September 2019 (click here for more on eligibility). The prize structure is the following:

First Prize: $350.00 CAD and ten hours of academic coaching from Dr. Grafos

Second Prize: 5 hours of academic coaching from Dr. Grafos

For the successful applicants, I look forward to working with you and helping transform your personal statements into applications that are worthy of lucrative scholarships!

Happy writing!

Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.
Founder & Chief Academic Transition Strategist