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BridgesEDU is a response to an experience that is too common for undergraduate students. While teaching at a university, BridgesEDU founder, Dr. Christopher Grafos, saw that many students had the potential to do well, but they hadn’t been shown the methods to success in university. Despite performing exceptionally in high school, he noticed that many of his students’ skills were not adequately adapted to excel at the university level.

After growing frustrated with seeing so many of his undergraduates suffering needlessly through university coursework, he started the BridgesEDU programme to help students shine.

At BridgesEDU, academic coaching is focused on teaching what matters, before it matters.

Our sessions help high school and undergraduate-level students to meet the heightened academic expectations of university without the pressure of a permanent grade on their record.

Unlike other university prep programmes, BridgesEDU coaching and mentoring sessions are led by an instructor with a Ph.D. This means that your child will learn the methods to success in university by someone who has actually taught at the undergraduate level. In short, we help to progress your child’s skills to meet the expectations that we know professors will have.

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Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.
Scholarship Coach & Mentor




1.844.379.PREP (7737)